Omagaaa wait!! A month already?!? So yea today marks one month since I created this blog and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t do this before… I was just really scared.. of what? Idk lol.. Anyways thanks for taking your time to read, comment, like, and follow 💕 I hope this blog eventually inspires someone! 

Btw would ya’ll like it if I start making videos on here? I know there’s YouTube and stuff but I don’t have the right equipment to make it on YouTube so I would like to start here… what do you think? 

Alison 🐼


NYC in 30 secs 

Okay so I live in NY and I don’t often go to the city because it’s not really my thing. I’m more into natury places than cities. But when I do go I love taking pictures of the buildings and stuff so here’s a little time lapse video and some pics I took a few days ago 🙂 

~Alison 🐼

Personal Quotes 

Hey guys so I was thinking what to write about because I don’t want to bore you so I thought of writing this blog on some of my favorite quotes and give a lil background on why I came up with them. I hope you like this post and remember I’m always open to any suggestions and/or ideas! 🙂 
“Live and let live”

This has to be my favorite quote! I always say this because I believe that’s the way it should be. We should live as we please without judgement, without hate, without looking at others differently. I think that if we all just lived how we please and let others do as they please things would be different. 
“Vision without action is an illusion”

Now I think this quote is the total truth. We can have a vision and want it to happen but if we don’t take action towards making that vision a reality then it’s all an illusion. 

“Actualize what you visualize”

I came up with this one one day that I was just making plans in my head about what I want to do in life and then all the sudden this popped in my head. In order for us to make whatever we dream about a reality we have to take steps to actually make it happen. 

 “The only way to defeat hate is with love”

So as some of you may know or for those that don’t know, I live in the USA. I’m saying this because as you may know our new president Donald Trump just went into office and everything is so scandalous and controversial. So I remember on the day of the inauguration I was watching the news and they were showing the protests that were going on and at first I was all for it but then I realized how violent some people got and it literally broke my heart because violence is never the answer. As I was watching some people breaking windows others throwing objects and fighting with cops and what not I said to myself this: “you’re not gonna fix anything with violence. The only way to defeat hate is with love” and honestly that’s all I think we can do. If anyone reading this lives in the USA regardless of what your political views are remember that by hating the hate we aren’t going to do anything in fact we will just make matters worse so what we can do is love, unite and pray for each other. And this goes for any other type of situation that can be happening.

“If you never try you’ll never know”

So I have this really bad habit of saying I can’t do this or I can’t do that even before I try. So yesterday I did something that I had said to myself I couldn’t do and to my surprise I think I did well. But what would’ve happened if I didn’t try? I would’ve never known if I could or could not do it. So ALWAYS make sure you try to do whatever you think you can’t do before saying you can’t. You’ll be surprised of the things you’re capable of doing if you just try!
If you read up to here thanks for reading! 
I hope you have a blessed day/night/afternoon wherever you are! 

~Alison 🐼

2016/2017 tag

Hey y’all I was tagged by Elsie L.M.C !  I suggest you go check her blog it’s very interesting and always has something interesting. Thanks Elsie for tagging me!! I know we’re already in 2016 but better late than never. This tag was created by The guy who said always no !

1: Describe your 2016 in 3 words:                           

  •  Interesting, unpredictable, hectic

2: Write the names of two people who characterized your 2016: 

  • There’s a few but it has to be God and Osiris.

3: Write about the most beautiful place you visited in 2016 and why you like it so much:           

  • I really didn’t go to much places in 2016. But I would have to say ‘Promised Land State Park’. It was a church trip. It’s a park but I liked it so much because it was surrounded by nature. There was a lake and a lot of trees. Idk but anything that’s surrounded by nature I love!                                   •Here are two pictures that my bestfriend took of me there                                                                                                    

4: Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016:     

  • Gosh this is such a hard question! 😂 I love all types of food!! I would have to say fried shrimp because I don’t like seafood but I tasted fried shrimp and I loved it 🤷🏽‍♀️

5: Write the event that has marked you more of this year in 2016 (even global event):   

  •  I have to say it was when I went to see Jomari Goyso for the second time. He’s a famous TV personality in the Hispanic tv network. 

6: Write the finest purchase you’ve made in this 2016, and if you want, link a photo:    

  • Okay my answer isn’t exactly going to answer the question because I don’t really buy “fine” things. But I think it would have to be these pandora charms they gave me as a present (cuz like I said, I don’t buy expensive things)

7: Write 3 good intentions for 2017:            

  • Impact other peoples lives in a positive way.         
  •  Be more grateful           
  •  And for myself; lose weight 

8. Write 1 place you want to visit in 2017:          

  • I would like to visit Florida again! 

9. Write 1 food you want to eat in 2016:                        

  •  It would definitely have to be sushi just because I’ve tried eating it twice but I never like it. So I want to try different type to see if I end up liking one 

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Here are the rules: 

  • Mention the creator of the tag: The guy who said always no
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  • Answer the questions
  • Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let the know through a comment on their blog. 

Have a nice day! 💕                                  ~ Alison 🐼

Dream & Aspire 

Well we all have dreams and aspirations that we desire to reach. It’s easy to dream and to aspire to be someone or do something but the hard part is taking the steps towards those dreams and aspirations. Something I’ve learned is that vision without action is illusion. If you really want something you’re gonna go for it no matter what you have to do to get it. So I encourage you to never let go of your dreams no matter how “impossible” it may seem. No dream is impossible unless we make it impossible. 

Just incase ya’ll need some words of encouragement 🙂

I hope ya’ll have a week full of good vibes!                                                         ~Alison 🐼

Blah blah blog 

Hey guys! Well as you may know, yesterday I created this blog and I wrote a little intro and I shared the link of it on “First Friday” and I got to talk to some bloggers that looked at it and it was really exciting for me idek why 😂

Sooo like I just wanted to say thank you to those that read it, commented, liked, or followed! I’m really excited to start this blogging thing!

I will be posting every week. I won’t set a specific day of the week because I’m really random and will just post out of nowhere 😛

I’m also open to ideas and/or suggestions so don’t hesitate to leave a comment! I hope i can keep ya’ll entertained and eventually inspire someone in some way… soooooooo yeaaaa

Have a blessed day!!                             – Alison 🐼


A little introduction of myself. Well I am 17 year old living in New York as you can see on my blog my name is Alison!

all I want to achieve through my blog and writing is to inspire others and impact in a good way other lives! Through this I will be sharing personal stuff, fashion tips, photography, entertaining stuff 😉

Please join me as I start my journey on to becoming a blogger…

Have a wonderful day                ~Alison 🙂