How is it possible? 

Okay so what do you call that when you’re feeling so (like SO down) but you still manage to motivate yourself? How is this even possible? 

What do you call that when you have friends or you’re surrounded by so many people but STILL feel so alone? How is this even possible? 

Why is it that you look like the happiest person ever but u truly aren’t? How is it possible? 

How can I stay strong for others when I’m not even strong enough for myself? How is this possible? 

Why am I so sad when there’s others who are going through worst things and you feel so bad for feeling sad? How is this possible? 

How is it even possible to smile when in reality all you wanna do is cry? 

I’m honestly so grateful for the life I live but I still feel terrible everyday? How is it even possible? 

I want friends so bad but at the same time I also prefer to be alone? How is this possible? 

There’s so many things I just don’t get. So many things go through my head I cant even deal. Like I know it’s all part of the process. How am I supposed to “talk about it” when I don’t even know what I feel. I get that things have to happen and blah blah blah but like I’m so beyond tired of people saying; “you’re so ungrateful others have it worse than you” , “what are you so sad about” and so many things more.. 

I really hate to put negatives things like this out here because I know I should be motivating people and what not but I am human and I’m not always jolly and happy I have my really bad moments. And I’ve been going through something’s but hopefully I’ll be fully back and running! 

Sorry for this negative note but I had to be real and just show it how it is. This is just how I’ve been feeling lately… 

And if u read this far I Love you and please always feel free to talk to me!

~ Alison 🐼


Published by

Alison 🐼

My goal is that whatever I do could have a positive impact in someones life

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