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Roses are full of thorns so why do we like them so much? Because we don’t pay mind to it’s thorns. What catches our attention is their petals

It’s the same with us. 

Everyone has imperfections. The people we love; why do we love them? We love them for all the good things we don’t really focus on their ‘bad’ things. I’m sure that if we just focused on the bad things we wouldn’t love them. 

This shows that the good overweighs the bad and that we can find beauty even in the bad things. 

Mind you your physical aspect isn’t what makes you beautiful. Beauty is seen with your eyes closed. What does that mean? That means that beauty is an act of kindness, your personality, every good thing you do, what comes from your heart and what is felt. It’s not all physical appearance. Think about it… Physical beauty fades, it gets wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, scars, bruises and what not. But this is why we cant just focus on the physical beauty because when all these things happen we start feeling ugly due to the fact that all we focus on is our physical beauty. How about we focus more on what’s the inside and not on the outside so much. Now, I’m not saying to not take care of your physical beauty NO! In fact you have to take care of it because that’s the first thing we show but what I’m saying is to focus more on bettering your inside, personality, integrity, respect towards others and just what makes you YOU.

Just love yourself the way you are. There is only ONE YOU! Make sure to make it the best YOU! 

Idk why I felt like I needed to say this but hopefully someone who reads this can find help in it 🙂 have a lovely day lovelies 💖

~Alison 🐼


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Alison 🐼

My goal is that whatever I do could have a positive impact in someones life

15 thoughts on “Roses ”

  1. It’s so nice to read a piece from you since you’ve been gone for a week. How have you been?
    I must say a beautiful post that’s full of truth and I’m sure everyone benefited from your wise and wonderful thoughts 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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