Alison Modelling!? 

Heyyy ya’ll! I hope your week went well! Mine went ok I guess. 

Soooo last week Monday I stayed over at my friend’s house and she loves photography and I love to model (I think that’s something you guys didn’t know about me 🙈well now you know)  so whenever we have time or just wanna have fun we have a photoshoot. She takes amazing pictures! If you have Instagram please go support her for me!! I will leave her photography instagram down below: 

Her Photography Instagram Here

So about me wanting to model…… Well I want to be a model for like clothing stores (some of ya’ll are prolly thinking like “but she doesn’t have the ‘model type body’) I know if I could I would be a plus size model. I still don’t understand why they label “plus size” models differently, why can’t they just call them models like the rest!? That’s the problem with society that we have to put a label on everything and that’s why people feel like they don’t fit or they’re not what society wants them to be. I’m all for body empowerment and just accepting yourself how you are. So love yourself lovelies! I hope someday I get to become a model 🙏🏼 I still haven’t reached that confident level yet but I’m sure I will soon! 

Sorry for making this longer than it should be. What was I gonna do?? OOH THE PICTURES… These pics weren’t planned so I didn’t take cute clothes so these don’t show my sense of style but hope you like them!!! HERE YOU GO!! 

Thanks for reading and watching 💖 

~Alison 🐼


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